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Let your hair breathe when stressed by pollution

The pollution of the surrounding air is made up of dust and micro-particles which settle on the hair fibre and the scalp throughout the day.
Patrice Mulato has developed this anti-pollution duo to gently and deeply cleanse the hair:
1. The micelles trap the impurities before removing them during the rinsing step.
2. Pollustop® is a patented active ingredient that provides a protective barrier against pollution

Exfoliating treatment

200-ml Référence 03TR-01-15889

Detox Shampoo

200-ml Référence 03TR-01-15882

Detox Jelly

180-ml Référence 03FL-01-15375

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  • Benefits


    A duo of complementary treatment for deeply cleansed and protected hair
    The hair is perfectly cleansed
    The hair fibre is protected from pollution
    The hair feel soft with real bounce and shine

  • Composition


    Key Ingredients

    Extrait de pomme

    Apple extract

    Protects and restores elasticity with the polyphenols and fruit acids it contains

    Huile essentiel zeste de citron

    Lemon extract

    Restores softness and shine.



    Patented active ingredient that provides a protective barrier against pollution.

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  • Instructions for use

    Instructions for use

    1. Apply the Exfoliating treatment to the wet scalp, distribute evenly and gently massage for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
    2. On dry or damp hair, apply the Anti-pollution jelly over the lengths and tips.
    3. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse.
    4. Apply the Anti-pollution shampoo, massage and rinse thoroughly