Zéro poux

Treat and eliminate lice and nits

The Zéro Poux brand offers a comprehensive treatment based on natural active ingredients, a solution with clinically proven effectiveness against lice and nits, that is non-aggressive for the scalp and hair. Zéro Poux is a medical device that relies on a mechanical and not a chemical action. The complete treatment combines a treatment balm to remove the parasites, a detangling care to help loosen nits, a repellent spray to keep lice and nits away for a whole day at school and a shampoo that soothes and detangles.



Baume traitant zero poux

Treatment Balm Lice and nits

Soin démêlant décolleur de lentes

Nit remover and untangling balm

Shampooing 2-en-1 ZéroPoux

2-in-1 Shampoo lice and nits

Spray repulsif zero poux

Preventive no lice spray