Privacy policy

Concerned about the protection of your privacy, we attach great importance to the confidentiality of the personal data that you give us.

By using our website and (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), you agree to the terms of this Policy and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with the Policy. This Policy applies to all personal data that you provide to us, whether directly or indirectly. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Policy, please do not use our website.


Your personal data collected as part of our activity is mainly processed by:
Head Office: 24 AVENUE JOANNES MASSET / 69009 LYON
RCS Lyon 488 293 812


We collect your personal data when:

  • You browse our Website or use our Services on our Website;
  • You create an account on our Website;
  • You log in to your account on our Website;
  • You use your account on our Website;
  • You subscribe to our newsletter;
  • You place and pay for an order on our Website;
  • You use our loyalty program;
  • You write a customer review or a comment on our social networks or on our Website;
  • You contact us through various channels, including contact forms, by post or by telephone;
  • You contact us via our chat;
  • You take part in a game or a contest, product tests, satisfaction questionnaires, surveys.
  • We only collect your personal data when this is strictly necessary and legal. We are committed to collecting only the minimum personal information required for the purposes covered by this Policy.

If we need to use your personal data for purposes not covered by this Policy, you will be asked for additional consent. Such consent is not mandatory but will sometimes be necessary for us to be able to respond to your needs/requests.

What data do is collected?

The type of information we collect includes:

Identification and contact information (such as surname, first name, date of birth, postal address, means of contact) required for your identification when you use one of our Services (such as creating an online account);
Transaction information required to process your order (chosen items, delivery and billing address, telephone number and email address, method of payment, including, for instance, your credit card number and its expiry date, as well as the name of the bank card holder when you make an online payment);
Historical data regarding your online orders;
Historical data of your contacts with us;
Reviews you write about products.
We automatically collect some information about you when you access or use the Website or when doing business with us, including:

Login data: We collect information about the terminal from which you connected to our Website, as well as your use of the Website (such as the operating system, the type of browser you use, the use or not of a proxy, the location of the terminal from the IP address allowing your computer to be identified, times at which you accessed the Website, the pages you visited, and the link which allowed you to access our Website);
Information about your browsing (whether you are logged in or not): We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about you when you interact with our Website or in emails we send you. This information allows us to find out about your preferences, your favourite brands or types of product, as well as to analyse the way in which you interact with certain content. This information is collected both when you are logged in and when you are not and can be reconciled with one another, regardless of the terminal used.



We only collect personal data when we have a legal basis to do so.

For our part, processing your personal data allows us to provide you with the services available on our the Website, to ensure they are improved and maintained for a secure environment and especially to:

  • Manage the operation and optimisation of our Website and our services and products; Help expedite your future activities and experiences on our Website;
  • Assess the use of our Website, products and services and analyze the effectiveness of our communication campaigns and promotions;
  • Make our Website easier to use and better tailor our Website, products and services to your interests and needs; Carry out operations relating to our commercial exchanges (orders, payment, deliveries, invoices, accounting, satisfaction survey, consumer service, etc.);
  • Manage the loyalty program and make you benefit from its advantages. This is carried out subject to your consent;
  • Manage our customer relationship via our CRM, in order to get to know you better, personalise our products and services and contact you regarding products and services that may be of interest to you (new product launches, promotional offers and events, beauty courses and/or demonstrations, announcements/events, events with shopping centres, department stores, celebrities, magazines, television, websites, joint promotions, etc.), provided that you have given your consent, (or have not expressed your refusal) or that you have previously requested a product or service from us and the communication is relevant or related to this prior request and made within the time limits set by applicable laws;
  • To provide you with products or services that you request from us (request for information, answer your questions/comments);
  • Provide customer service by telephone or instant messaging by type of purchase;
  • Provide sharing tools on our Website and/or social networks;
  • Proceed to the verification, identification and authentication of the personal data that you have provided us;
  • Prevent and detect fraud, malware (malicious software) and manage security incidents;
  • Manage any disputes.

We are committed to minimising the data collected, keeping it accurate and up to date by facilitating the rights of those involved.



Your data is retained for the duration of your commercial relationship.
In general, your personal data is retained for the duration of our commercial relationship, with an additional three years at the end of our relationship. However, we retain some data after your account is deleted when such retention is provided for by law, or when such retention is required to allow us to manage disputes.

In some cases, we may retain certain personal data about you even if you delete your account, by legal obligation, or if there is still a problem with this account, for example, a negative balance or the presence of a complaint or an unresolved dispute. In this case, the data required for resolving the issue or the dispute will be kept as long as the dispute lasts within the limits of applicable rules in terms of prescription. Other data may be retained after being processed intended to prevent it from being reattributed to a person identified for the purpose of studies and statistics.



We are the sole recipients of your personal data and do not sell or pass it on.

However, as it proves necessary, we can communicate your personal data to authorised and defined recipients, namely to:

  • Third parties required to deliver a product or service to you, such as a delivery or postal service delivering a product you have ordered;
  • Third-party service providers, such as website hosting service providers;
  • Web analytics tool providers, such as Google.



Concerned about the protection of your privacy, and via this cookie management policy (hereinafter “the Policy”), we wish to inform visitors to the and websites of the use of cookies when browsing the Website and the means made available to them to accept, reject or select the types of cookies used. We may update the Policy at any time and such changes will be effective immediately. We therefore ask you to refer to the Policy regularly in order to be aware of its latest available version. By continuing to browse the Website after reading this Policy, you accept the use of cookies on the browser according to our Policy, unless you have disabled them.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” or “tracer” is a file of limited size, generally consisting of letters and numbers, created and stored in the memory of your browser located on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, mobile) when visiting a website, reading an email, installing or using software or a mobile application. Cookies allow us to temporarily store anonymous data about the use and users of a website. Cookies play an essential role and allow us to improve and personalise your browsing on our Website, for example by offering you the content that best matches your areas of interest.

What kind of data do we obtain?

Although the exact detail of the data we collect through cookies varies according to specific needs, we generally collect the following data from our Website:

  • Login data;
  • Browsing data on our website (pages viewed, duration of your visit, products searched, products in your basket, etc.);
  • Browser data;
  • Device data;
  • Advertisements clicked – Location;



How do we use them?

Where appropriate, we use cookies together with the other personal data that you have already given us.

Cookies are mainly used for:

  • Website operation;
  • Traffic and performance;
  • Advertising targeting;
  • Third-party sites or applications;



These cookies are specifically used:

  • To recognise you and log you in automatically by memorising your information entered into the forms on our Website (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have chosen;
  • To memorise your selection of articles in your basket until payment confirmation;
  • To adapt the Website presentation to your display preferences of your terminal (display resolution, operating system used, etc.);
  • To give you access to reserved and personal areas of our Website, using your login details.



These cookies are intended to assess the frequency and volume of visitors to our Website and thus improve the operation and ergonomics of the said Website.


These cookies are used to offer content that is tailored to your preferences and areas of interest in terms of products and services and browsing and purchasing history.


Cookies may be saved by third parties when you visit our Site. They are used to collect data on your browsing habits in order to personalise advertising that is sent to you according to your tastes and purchasing habits.
For example:

When you use social network features on the Website, these cookies allow other people to find out more about the content of our Website as well as your opinion on the latter, using functions such as “Like” and “Share”.
When you visit our Website while remaining connected to a social network, these social network cookies are likely to communicate to these same social networks information about your browsing on our Website;
If you click on a banner or an advertising link before coming on our Website, these cookies allow us to know if you have made a purchase on our Website and to fairly compensate the partner at the origin of this purchase.
Cookies do not damage your computer and cannot be used to identify you personally.


Limiting or blocking cookies on your browser may modify your conditions of access to certain services on our Website.
If you wish to restrict or block all cookies that are set by our Website or by other websites/applications, you can do so by going into your browser settings. The Help function of your browser will tell you how to proceed.