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Balancing: for greasy scalp and dry tips

Hair is defined as “combination” when the roots are often greasy while the tips are dry and damaged. The balancing range for combination hair is specially formulated to oxygenate the scalp and hydrate the tips:
1. Its detoxifying agents – white nettle and thyme – purify greasy roots and rebalance the scalp. Red vine extracts drain excess sebum to the tips.
2. Its repair active ingredients have a specific repair action on the tips of the hair.

Balancing shampoo Combination hair

200-ml Référence 03TR-01-15855

Leave-in balancing conditioner Combination hair

150-ml Référence 03TR-01-15856

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  • Benefits


    _ Regulates the secretion of sebum.
    _ Hydrates and nourishes damaged tips.
    _ Restores the natural balance of the scalp.

  • Composition


    Key Ingredients

    Moisturizing active ingredients

    Amino acids combined with sugar derivatives improve & maintain hair hydration, making it more supple and easy to style.

    Complexe vegetal purifiant

    Purifying plant complex

    White nettle and myrrh have astringent and toning properties. Thyme is known for its antiseptic properties.

  • Instructions for use

    Instructions for use

    1. Apply a Balancing Shampoo
    2. Rinse thoroughly
    3. Apply a second Balancing shampoo and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes
    4. Apply the Balancing treatment to the whole of the washed hair.
    5. Do not rinse. Proceed to styling